Sun Yu-li Virtual Gallery

The dome floating in the sea, symbolizes the birth of the universe, an awakening, and the paintings and exhibitions reflect an initiator, a form in a position in space. The entire exhibition is an installation itself and the visitors will be part of it. They are the "life"; being a dot, moving around with their experiences being 'captured' and 'logged'.

Viewers are free to roam with no fixed direction, as in the universe, life is free to roam and instersact at any point with any form. Universal and yet distinctive, the Universal Language presents the absolute unison between life and form. The unison between pure forms and life gives rise to the expression of the endless possibilities of true nature.

Universal Language

Mapping the Universe with Universal Language is a solo exhibition by Sun Yu-li, a 2016 Dayawati Modi Award recipient for outstanding contributions to the field of Fine Arts. This will be a showcase of his intriguing artworks and sculptures through digital form, inspired by the fields of topology, archaeology, metaphysics, linguistics and mathematics. It is an introduction of sharing the nearly 40 years journey of his relentless pursuit of the discovery of his universal language form, which unlike conventional languages, makes use of graphical symbols (dots and lines) instead of words to form endless spatial graphs, expressing man's physical existence.

The most primitive form and the most basic movements presented by all things in this world are patterns. From shooting stars in the galaxy to the trace of wind left behind on the sand, the development of material and life are all manifested in the form of patterns. Language itself is actually a very restrictive tool. Only symbolic patterns are the purest, most precise and direct form of original language, and also the language that can be communicated throughout the universe.

This art creation begins with a black dot, forming a line, then progressing to a plane, and finally into volume. The black dot symbolizes the initiator, or a beginning point, a position in space. The dot can remain unchanged, or if awakens, can create thoughts or perform activities, as represented by a white dot. If it transforms from one position to another, the black dot is joined by a line to a new black dot. The rules or grammar in a language are represented by lines. Combining the content graphs and formal graphs, one's experiences can be captured and logged. This form of communication or expression is common to all languages, and thoroughly displays human thoughts.

Sun Yu-li

Sun Yu-li is one of Singapore's leading artists who have a distinctive style, unique and innovative technique. Sun Yu-li is an active artist who has put Singapore on the world map with overseas installations and exhibitions. He gives back to the community through charity efforts, educational outreach and advisory roles. He constantly reaches out to other arts groups (dancers, musicians, theatre groups) to stage new forms of artistic expression. He also strives to bring art to people with initiatives like the Chingay Art Float, PA Talent Musical, SMRT EZ-Link cards, National postal stamps, National coins and KrisShop Gift Pack. His artworks are widely collected by many corporations and private collectors.

He currently serves as a Board Member in the International Young Artists Exchange (IYAE) since 2013. He is also the Founder and Director of the Sculpture Square in Singapore from 1996 to 2010 and an Adviser to the Singapore Sculpture Society since 2001. In 2006, he founded Emily Hill Artist Village and remains a core Member of the Artist Village. He is both a member of Modern Art Society in Singapore since 1998 and Singapore Art Society since 1996. In the past, he served as the National Arts Council Resources Panel Member for 8 years till 2008 and an Advisor to URA for Marina Bay Youth Olympic Park in Singapore for two years till 2008 as well.

He has exhibited in many local and overseas exhibitions such as the "Passion Art" Festival, Singapore (2014); "Tree of Hope" Exhibition, Hong Kong (2014) and "Tree of Hope iLight", Marina Bay Art Festival, Singapore (2014); "Wishing Tree", Malay Heritage Center, Singapore (2013); "Fete Des Lumieres" Lighting Art Festival, Lyon, France (2012); "Love, Revolve The World" Painting Exhibition (2013); "Looking for You" Exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia and Brono/Prague, Czech (2012); "Vivid Sydney, Passage to Happiness" Exhibition, New South Wales, Australia (2012); "Elephant Parade - Painting of Baby Emily and Baby" at Paragon, Singapore (2012); "Helix, Fete Des Lumieres" Lighting Art Festival, London, England (2011); and "Vivid Sydney" Lighting Festival, Australia (2011).

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