About BC-AD

BC-AD Virtual Gallery is an online showcase of digital paintings and sculptures by Singapore artist Sun Yu-li. These pieces were inspired by his Universal Language, a formal language of the metaphysical, which consists of dots, lines, and planes as visual graphic elements.

Floating in the sea, the dome that contains the digital artworks was created based on those geometric fundamentals (dot, line, plane), providing a space that harbours our existence, symbolizing the birth of the universe, and mankind’s awakening.

BC-AD Experience

The journey taken by visitors of this virtual gallery can similarly be represented by the Universal Language elements of a dot, line, and plane.

First represented as a dot, a visitor will form a line as they enter the virtual gallery through the dome entrance. As they proceed to freely explore the gallery, traces of their movement then forms a plane; over time, their topological presence will fill the spaces and be felt throughout the dome.


Give me a dot - Shaw Wong

About artist Sun Yu-li

For more information, visit sunyuli.com