Getting Started

Take a walk into the past with an overview of various categories of ancient pictographs from our graphics profile, followed by a slide show of thumbnails. We present pictographs in their original state to preserve historical authenticity. They can be "touched-up" with some special effects as shown in our demo for production of high quality output. Free samples of enlarged pictographs ( click special effects ) are given away to show you the image quality.

Unlimited, instant downloading of images is available for members who sign up for either a 1-month, 6-month or 1-year subscription at US$19.95, US$49.95 and US$79.95 respectively. Payment is made to Paypal, the most reliable payment system in the world. Registration with clearance of full payment will be approved within 1 working day.

Paying members may freely apply, modify and publish our images with the exceptions of redistributing them as stock clip art, and using them in a manner which competes with the business of BC-AD.

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